We Look for Great Products

We are not an invention submission company. We are an open innovation consulting firm helping product developers make money from their great ideas! 

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Know What Licensors Want

We are contracted by client companies to find new and innovative products that they can take to market. These companies rely on us to find these products, and work with the inventor to streamline license acquisition processes.

And We Connect the Dots

We evaluate your product to determine its fit with our client companies’ business models. If there is potential, we present your product to the top decision makers who may enter into a licensing deal with you!

Our Culture

Our client companies contract our services, and they pick up the tab. We don’t charge inventors upfront fees, we don’t take a percentage of royalties from any deal you get from these companies, and we don’t bind you up with contracts for our work. We say, if you find a better deal for yourself, take it!